SPPU Research Park Foundation is housed in an 18,000 sq. ft. space which is getting equipped with all modern amenities

Access to SPPU Facilities

  • Library
  • Central Instrumentation Facility
  • Design & Innovation Centre
  • Digital Content Studio
  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Modern Labs

Mentors & Advisors

Mentorship would be provided to all the start-ups / incubatees in the SPPU RPF. Mentors would be selected who are experienced in running a start-up. Advisors shall be drawn from various disciplines besides technical expertise such as law, marketing, sales, HR etc. They shall provide necessary guidance in holistic development of an entrepreneur


Facilitation would be provided to incubatees regarding company formation, loan, SPPU resources, IPR protection, investor outreach, project management and other external facilities

Co-location facility

Co-location facility for the industry is available for carrying out joint research with the help of SPPU expertise. Project scope, timelines and deliverables will be defined by industry co-ordinator and SPPU faculty together. Infrastructure, project management support and co-ordination activities would be provided by the SPPU Research Park Foundation.

Applied Research

Need based applied research would be undertaken based on industry requirement in association with SPPU. SPPU faculty shall identify students with requisite knowledge and skill to carry out the work. The work may lead to graduate, post-graduate or doctoral degree for the students. There is a scope for post-doctoral research as well.

In addition, research would also be carried out for addressing the challenges that may come up for the start-ups in the SPPU Research Park Foundation

Virtual Incubation

For the select companies which are not housed in the SPPU RPF, virtual incubation facility is provided. It is useful for those entrepreneurs who need to advise and support services of SPPU RPF but still want to maintain their own office.

Project Work

For industries looking to solve a particular problem in their business and need academic expertise, SPPU RPF shall act as a facilitator by involving right expertise within SPPU (or its affiliated colleges) to create a project. The project team shall comprise of industry identified person, faculty from SPPU, possibly few students and project coordinator from SPPU RPF. Details of the project can be worked out by all directly involved parties.

Research Work

SPPU RPF can undertake specific research based on industry requirement or start-up incubation unit by involving expert faculty from SPPU and may be few students. Depending on the type of the problem, this work may lead partial fulfillment towards Post Graduate or Ph.D. degree.

Seed Incubation Areas

Initially, five seed areas have been identified for the incubation:

1. Automotive & Automation
2. Water & waste management
3. Agriculture
4. Healthcare
5. Material Science

Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Internet of Things, Cloud etc. would be used as tools across the identified areas.